C$5.39 C$5.12

  • Pressure-Activated Seal with lubricant Additive
    Cleans debris from stem, reduces flow-by during pop-up and prevents leaking between cap and body 
    Extra lubricant additive further eliminates stick-ups
  • Pre-installed in-riser pressure regulator (optional) 
    Maintains optimum nozzle performance at 30 psi and eliminates misting in varying pressure applications
  • Pre-installed check valve (optional) 
    Prevents low-head drainage, eliminating flood or erosion damage by keeping water in lateral pipes in elevation changes up to 14’ 
  • Retrofittable riser 
    Fits Rain Bird 1800 Series body
  • Sturdy and Robust, Textured Body 
    Provides for easy installation with a non-slip grip
  • Side and bottom inlets on 6” and 12” models (6” also available in non-side inlet) 
    Reduces installation time
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring 
    Ensures positive pop-down 
  • Male-threaded riser 
    Compatible with any female-threaded nozzle in the industry
  • Pre-installed flush plug 
    Makes system flushing a breeze and allows for easy nozzle installation
  • Ratcheting riser 
    Easiest ratchet in the market, even while hands are wet, yet won’t come out of adjustment!