• KD6-EXT - Outdoor Controller

    C$366.84 C$330.15

    Features & Benefits

    • Climate Logic® compatible
    • Automatically adjusts KwikDial watering based on the weather
    • Three independent programs
    • Allows differing watering days, start times, station run times and station assignments
    • Multiple watering day options
    • Provides flexibility to meet water restrictions and diverse plant requirements:
      - Days-of-the-week watering
      - Odd/even date watering with 31st day skip
      - Repeating-day-interval watering (every day, every 2nd day, every 3rd day, etc., up to once every 31 days)
      - Excluded-day option, when used with the odd/even day or day-interval
    • Compatible with CRR Series hand-held remote system
    • Provides convenient remote station start/pause/resume/off capability (R-100-KIT) for supplemental watering or inspection
    • Self-diagnostic, electronic circuit breaker
    • Identifies and overrides an electrical “short” in a valve or in valve wiring and continues to water operable stations
    • Full family of indoor and outdoor models
    • Ensures a product to match any landscape
    • Sensor hookup with bypass switch compatible with irritrol’s RainSensor™ Series
    • Saves water by shutting off the system during rain
    • Program stacking feature
    • Prevents program overlap
    • Electrical surge protection (on both input and output lines)
    • Resists damage from lightning storms and power surges

    Pair the Irritrol SMRT Logic Internet Gateway with either the Irritrol Climate Logic Weather System or the Irritrol CL Mini Receiver to make your Kwikdial Controller Wifi Enabled!