• MP Adjustment Tool

    C$3.59 C$3.26

    • You will quickly learn that making the adjustments from a standing position is quick, accurate and very easy to do. You will no longer get (as) soaked by the adjacent sprinklers.
    • No more aching back and knees from making sprinkler adjustments.
    • The MP Matchstick decal is color-coded to verify that the correct model MP has been installed.
    • Adjusting sprinklers is time and money to the contractor! First we eliminated the nozzle tree to save time in selecting and installing nozzles. Now the MP Matchstick makes the MP Rotator the fastest and easiest sprinkler on the market to adjust for arc & radius.
    • Install the MP Rotator with the Left Edge Indicator pointing to left side of the desired watering area.
    • With the water on and the MP Rotator in the pop-up position, rotate Arc Adjustment Ring (clockwise) to increase the arc, (counter-clockwise) to decrease the arc.
    • Use the built in ratchet feature to fine tune edge alignment by simply overriding the left or right resistance points in either direction.