• RS1000 - Wireless Rain Sensor

    C$263.01 C$236.71


    • WIRELESS MODELS - Require less labor for the installer
    • CONSTANT COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER - Assures that even after a controller power outage, the controller is continually updated with the sensor’s “wet” or “dry” status
    • VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS - Requires no special tools – Quick-Clip™ gutter bracket and ½” conduit adapter included
    • SIGNAL STRENGTH INDICATOR - Ensures correct installation, communication link and signal integrity (wireless models)
    • SMART BYPASS™ FOR EASY SYSTEM OVERRIDE - Allows for temporary deactivation while automatically resetting on next activation (wireless models)
    • FULLY ADJUSTABLE SHUTOFF POINTS - from 1/8” to ¾” (3-19mm) of accumulated rainfall
    • DRY -OUT RATE ADJUSTMENT FOR RESET DELAY - Allows for setting the ideal dryout time
    • PATENTED WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY - Unsurpassed by the competition
    • Compatible with nearly all controllers
    • Over 300-foot (91,4m) line-of-sight transmission range offers virtually limitless installation options
    • Visual sensor status and alert indicators verify consistent operation
    • Slide/snap-on cover provides additional protection to weather-proof receiver from the elements
    • Power failure memory protection
    • Easy, tool-free battery replacement
    • Five-year battery life (typical)