• XQ1000B - Drip Distribution Tubing - 1/4" x 1,000 ft - in Bucket

    C$217.15 C$195.44

    • 1/4 in. XQ Drip Distribution Tubing - 1,000 ft. Coil in Bucket
    • The strongest and most flexible 1/4 inch drip distribution tubing available to position drip emitters in exact locations
    • Unique blend of polymers that give it the flexibility of vinyl with hold of poly
    • New textured finish improves handling
    • Self extracting coiling feature makes it easy to use, store and eliminates waste
    • Patent Pending XQ Bucket makes using and storing large coils easy and efficient
    • Fits over barbed outlet ports and all Xerigation emission devices and 1/4 in. transfer fittings
    • Unique coiling method allows tubing to remain coiled as tubing is extracted
    • Extruded from UV-resistant polyethylene resin materials